Veronica Zuccala

Veronica Zuccala
Head Fitness Trainer

Veronica’s educational background was focused on Biology, in addition to her recent completion of a master’s degree in Neuroscience. She has spent the last 3 years putting this knowledge to practice through working as a full-time personal trainer. 

At her former company, she was recognized as a top performing trainer and is looking to bring her expertise of health, peak fitness, and the art of movement to the Ground X community. It is her belief that people have limitless potential and to begin the journey of harnessing this potential, we must first take care of our own physical and mental health. She will be offering a variety of services to our members (and non-members) that will help integrate fitness strategies to optimize performance, improve overall health and live pain free. 


  • CanFit Pro- Certified Personal Training Specialist
  • DTS Fitness Education Coach- Level 1, Barbell Strength, Hypertrophy Fundamentals, Lean Body and Body Transformation, Back Pain Specialist, Habits Coach
  • Pre-Script Coach- Level 1
  • Exercise Therapist- Level 1, Movement Screen Mastery
  • CrossFit Coach- Level 1
  • Neurotyping- Assessment System and Program Design