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About Ground X Jiu Jitsu

Ground X Jiu Jitsu specializes in the study and teaching of American Jiu Jitsu (AJJ). This unique brand of martial art borrows from many existing forms of grappling. Training is focused on developing skill via four primary grappling based martial arts:


Brazilian Jiu Jitsu or BJJ





The academy’s unique curriculum uses elements from each of these martial arts to provide the student with a complete view of what exists inside the realm of grappling. The study of AJJ consists of controlling and submitting opponents on the ground as well as in a standing position.

As it stands, Ground X is the only academy in Canada which offers this unique curriculum. Ground X also offers Kickboxing and Muay Thai for those that want to get a view of striking martial arts.Located in Ottawa, in the suburb or Barrhaven, we offer programs 7 days per week for Adults & Kids from ages 5-65.




Our unique approach to learning and our top quality instructors makes Ground X Jiu Jitsu your best choice.

Kayla Patterson

Kayla Patterson
Head Jiu Jitsu Instructor

Kayla is an experienced competitor. She has won titles and competed in multiple IBJJF and EBI events and has featured on UFC Fightpass. She is now using her experience to give students the skills and tools necessary to accomplish their goals.

Joel Hadden

Joel Hadden
Head Jiu Jitsu Instructor

Joel has won several prestigious titles and having over a decade of training and competition experience Joel has taken the role as one of our head instructors for our adult Jiu Jitsu program.